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E4K Training Blog: A Follow-Up and a Note of Thanks

October 20, 2014 at 9:00 am by Melanie

Dear tireless E4K participants: Way back in August, when we first asked you to #Endure4Kindness with us, we had no idea of the overwhelming response we would get from all of our wonderful supporters (that’s YOU). We started this blog … Continue reading

E4K Training Blog: Week 10

October 17, 2014 at 9:00 am by Melanie

Happy E4K Eve! It’s been almost 10 weeks since we first started this training blog and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the response from all of our incredible supporters. You’ve spent weeks capturing and submitting photos and video of your … Continue reading

E4K Training Blog: Sergei’s Special Message

October 14, 2014 at 12:00 pm by Melanie

Greetings, tireless #E4K participants! You’ve spent the last nine weeks gathering photos and videos of your endurance training progress and submitting them so that others might be inspired. You’ve trudged through the mud and rain, folded paper cranes and origami dogs … Continue reading

About Random Acts

At Random Acts, it’s our mission to conquer the world one random act of kindness at a time. We are here to inspire acts of kindness around the world both big and small. We provide a vast network of caring people with the encouragement and support they need to change lives for the better.

Our Values

  • Every individual can be a catalyst for positive change in the world and in his/her own life.
  • Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
  • Each person can make a positive impact within his/her social network and community.
  • Kindness breeds kindness.
  • Being kind is fun!

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Our Partners

Random Acts is committed to creating a network of kindness through strategic partnerships with organizations from around the world. We look to work with organizations that exemplify our values of catalyzing positive change and impacting local and global communities. Keep reading to learn more about these exciting organizations!

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